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2 50 mg viagra, Viagra smiling bob t shirts


2 50 mg viagra, Viagra smiling bob t shirts

Canada’s Largest Hobby Wholesaler
Home >> Help


UDISCOonline's inventory is divided into nine categories:

Each category can be accessed via the side menu on the left frame, or through the text links at the bottom of this page. A manufacturer list is available for each category, listing all the manufacturers that we carry under that heading.

Our inventory is listed by manufacturer, sorted in ascending order by the item (part) number. Wherever possible, the original manufacturer's part number is used.

We will soon be implementing an advanced search engine, which will allow you to search through our inventory by manufacturer, part number, and/or description. In the meantime, you can search by manufacturer by clicking on the "Search Udisco" image.


Click on any manufacturers’ logo. Scroll through the pages. To see a picture, if the item number is highlighted, click on the number and a picture will appear.

To order an item, click on the shopping basket at the end of the line of the item you wish to order. This places the item in your order. Repeat this procedure until you have finished shopping.

If you make an error, click the cart again and the item will be removed.

You can go anywhere on the site and click as many items as you wish.

When you are finished selecting items, click the ORDER NOW button on the top of the page. Two flags will appear If you are a Canadian customer, click on the Canadian flag to bring up the Canadian Order Page in a separate browser window. If you are an American customer, click on the U.S. flag to bring up the U.S. Order Page

Your order will now appear. If you wish to delete am item, click once on the item you wish to delete.

If you wish to change the quantity, simply move your cursor over the quantity and change it. Then press UPDATE

NEXT click SHIPPING INFORMATION and fill in the form. All items with the little RED STAR are REQUIRED before you can move to payment information

NEXT click PAYMENT INFORMATION and select your credit card type and then enter the information. The CVV is the three digits printed on the back of your credit card, at the end of your credit card number, printed above your signature.

NEXT click CONFIRM ORDER and the order with all its information will be displayed. ONLY QUEBEC RESIDENTS PAY QST.

FINALLY, if everything is good, click CONFIRM.

You will receive an email confirming that we have received your order.

When we ship your order, you will receive a copy of the INVOICE by email.

NO MONEY will be deducted from your credit card until we have shipped the order.

Thank you for your order